Friday, October 26, 2007

Fruit, come back and sitting together.

1. The smell that rises from two platters of fruit salad. On this grey almost November day, the colours seem wonderful and exotic.

2. I am reading while I wait. Through the story I hear the voice I am waiting for, and it pulls me back to the London street.

3. As we take our seats on the train, Nick lifts the armrest between us.


  1. The european market that has opened in the market square for a few days.

    Tasting Swedish cider at night time from tiny plastic cups, light by market stall bulbs.

    The edges of the leaves outside my window turning vivid shades of yellow and orange while the middles remain green and springlike.

  2. Clare what a subtle shade of true love-the arm rest. this is sandy kessler , had to change my site a little now happy spirits my signature the blessed taken pleasure in writing. so I wanted you to know its me when I drop by daily. ciao

  3. this is a really good idea. keep it up.


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