Thursday, October 18, 2007

Away you go, winding and a spooky tale.

1. Sending 300 Beautiful Things off to the publisher.

2. My skein of hemp has tangled. But with some help from Katie, I follow the thread and wind it into a pleasing ball.

3. Sitting up in bed, a skein of yarn around my knees, listening to the shivery Book at Bedtime. It's Susan Hill's The Man in the Picture. I'm rather a fan of her ghost stories.


  1. Congratulations on getting 300BT off to the printer! Can't wait to see it "in the flesh" and on shelves :-)

  2. oooo how exciting! Will you sign my copy? :-)

    My BT for today: A frosty morning caught me by surprise but as I was struggling to scrape the ice from my car, the man parked next to me offered me his can of de-icer. Before I had a chance to give it back he drove off, leaving me with a full can. I must try and track him down and return it!

  3. My yarn always seems to tangle. As frustrating as it is, it doesn't compare to the feeling of getting the last bit unsnarled. Thanks!

  4. YAY! for getting 3BT the Book ...volume 1 of...we to the publishers..I have one last item to finish to get my project sent off...its not a book..but I imagine the same feelings of parenting separation anxiety.



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