Friday, October 05, 2007

Yes dear, splat and bookworm.

1. Katie comes in to tell me something to which I am not really listening because I am writing. I catch that she is very happy with her life in general, particularly her boyfriend and her homelife. Later in the day, I realise that I had been thinking just the same thing as she brought my mug of tea into the early morning gloom of my bedroom.

2. Treading on a laurel berry for the wet crunch.

3. On my way home I see a man I once met at a party walking down the street with his nose in a book.


  1. This post, especially the laurel berry, combined with my perusal of a photo album of my family's Christmas trip to England nearly two years ago, makes me want to go there again...

  2. My daughter walks around with her nose in a book. It's a wonder she doesn't walk into something. Shhh. I might jinx her.


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