Monday, October 08, 2007

Kitchen miracle, and now for something completely different and a little order.

1. Watching pancakes cook -- I like the way the top changes colour and becomes slightly translucent; and I like to see a brown frill appearing at the edge.

2. Channel surfing and finding a Monty Python double bill.

3. Tidying up a little.


  1. So English people do eat pancakes! My mother and I were debating this point...

    It's only 7:30 in the morning here, but I have one very beautiful thing already: finding a response to an email I'd sent to a leasing agent in the neighborhood I'm moving to. I'd very gingerly asked if she had any apartments that might expose me to "minimal resident and street noise." I didn't have a whole lot of hope, but...

    Her response: "Excellent. I know just what to show you."

  2. But the pancakes are way too thin.

  3. Joe in Vegas -- they are thin because it leaves more room for chocolate spread!

    Christine -- they might be a bit different to what you call pancakes. Our batter is very runny, so the pancakes are the size of the frying pan.

    I'm so glad about the househunting -- hope it goes well. It helps to have an 'on-message' estate agent.


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