Saturday, October 27, 2007

That smells good, a meeting of minds and something to laugh about.

1. There's something in the air today that makes everyone snuff and say: 'Something's changed' and 'You can almost taste the moisture' and 'I love this time a year'.

2. I meet a real live writer for a drink. I was a bit in awe of her the first time we met, but she is so kind and encouraging that this time, I anticipate our drink with hardly any nervousness. And again, she is interesting and charming and passes on tips and shares a little gossip. See Sarah's other project here.

3. My bed is so warm and welcoming that as I get in, I giggle to myself in a way that reminds me of my goddaughter Ellie (nearly two) giggling when we played some game or other.


  1. Thanks Clare.

    Your comments made me giggle.

    Cheers :)

  2. Why Clare! You are a REAL LIVE WRITER! Seems odd the first time you realize it I know. But that realization, although steeped in a bit of ego, is a worthy TBT.


  3. I agree with Dread! You are a real live writer. Your words are brief but manage to convey a wealth of feeling. Never Never Doubt that you are indeed an honest to goodness writer.


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