Monday, October 22, 2007

The castle, a sleep and co-ordination.

1. We visit a National Trust property that I have known since I was tiny. This year, the house has been opened up. Before, it could be glimpsed here and there, but now the evergreens have been cut down so that the mellow sandstone building is visible from surprising places, and the forbidden lawns are now accessible.

2. Dozing on the sofa leaning on Nick.

3. Finishing both packets of pills on the same day.


  1. I learn so much form inferrance in your posts about England. But, what is a packet of pills, if not medications?


  2. Was it Scotney Castle? My sister & family went there not long ago and sent me a boatload of pictures....

  3. Christine -- yes! Have you been there?

    Carolina Moon -- They're just medication. I take two different kinds that come in different sized packs, so the packs don't often end on the same day.

  4. Are you pregnant then?

  5. Ah ha! Mine don't come in packets but bottles of sorts. I have two also and they never empty out the same as they are different counts also. At least they haven't yet.


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