Sunday, October 14, 2007

A voice, people's palace and pudding.

1. Walking down a street I hear a wonderful voice singing inside one of the houses. I wonder if she's practising, or if she's singing as she dusts. A lady coming the other way catches my eye and smiles back at me.

2. Coming to Alexandra Palace and seeing on one side the shell of the palace's outer wall and on the other London spread out like a toy city. Once inside, I walk round the exhibition hall, dazed by all the stands. Something makes me look up and I take in the rose window at one end and the huge organ at the other.

3. A mouthful of someone else's pudding.


  1. Were you at Ally Pally for the yarn show?

  2. Yes, what a splendid idea!

    You have given a name to something I have perhaps, unconsciously done since I got ill: think only of things beautiful.

    Today my 3BT's are, finding your blog, reading it with a smile and sipping my first boiling hot cup of coffee on a what looks like a warm, sun shinny day.



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