Thursday, October 11, 2007

The light, autumn leaves and sweep.

1. A strange morning with yellow light shining through raindrops and mist against a dark grey sky.

2. A variety of autumn leaves -- a drift of orange beech leaves, stiff as if they had been beaten out of copper; scrolls of red and green sumac leaflets; and berry red leaves from a cherry tree.

3. Water drops on the bonnet of a car seem to have been carefully organised to make a diagonal pattern.


  1. shows the early morning mists of Virginia - I love his photography - linked on my website as well. The mists of morning everbeautiful..

  2. his moon pictures on pages 3 and 4 are outstanding bueridge muse

  3. My absolute favourite time of year.

  4. Autumn leaves are perhaps one of the MOST beautiful things :)

  5. Hi! A weird thing to comment on but I've noticed that you use semi colons in an era when they seem all but forgotten..... Great to see use of punctuation as it should be used.

    Not that I know when to use semi colons. My punctuation is not that good!


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