Thursday, June 18, 2009

Age gap, hats here and moving back in.

1. Overheard: "I'm the oldest, Mommy. Stop treating me like the youngest."

2. Overheard at Waterloo Station on Ladies Day at Ascot: "All these beautiful women wandering about with these like massive hats on... And I'm all like:" She veers from side to side to show how the finery has been distracting her.

3. We put the mirror and the towel rings back in the bathroom, clean everything and start to move our stuff back in. It feels finished.

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  1. Overheard pre-recession in a town where a Waterstone's was opening - I was standing there thinking, "How wonderful," when the woman next to me said (have to imagine a broad Devonshire accent): "A bleddy bookshop! That's the last thing this place needs! I thought it was going to be a Primark." Takes all kinds to make a world!


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