Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Reds and yellows, herbs and soup.

1. I take Louise a few red and yellow nasturtiums that I grew from seed. As I pick them, I notice -- really notice for the first time -- that only one yellow plant came up; and that the orange ones are all different: deep ember red; a flat plastic orange; flame colours and scarlet.

2. I like chopping coriander, and a few seedlings thinned from my spring onion trough.

3. A bowl of hot and sour soup with a few noodles and some pieces of chicken hidden in its corn-gold depths.


  1. Everythings very gorgeously golden round here, nasturtiums, soup, summer...

    (I've got you on an e-mail feed now so I remember to read...)

  2. Delicious must try out tonight.

  3. nasturtiums are good to eat - a little spice in the salad, or on top of the soup.


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