Sunday, June 21, 2009

Be still, visitors and he ate it.

1. This morning at 7am, I am finally allowed to open the parcels that have been appearing all week. Then I am kicked out of bed for wriggling and told to do some writing so my poor tired fiance can have a decent lie in.

2. The sight of three friends walking towards me down the drive.

3. Fenella hands me a beautiful card with a real, tiny piece of knitting on it (complete with teeny needles) and apologises for the lack of present: she left it on the side, and her husband ate it.

4. I pick up a book of Viking Romances given to me last month by Plutarch. I am amazed at how violent and sexy and wild an rude and ALIVE they are.

5. We watch one of Nick's presents to me -- Australia -- and I let it play me like a lute. I laugh and pull the blanket over my face by turns; and at the end, because I've invested so much in the characters, and because I love 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow', tears spring to my eyes.