Monday, June 29, 2009

Can't catch me, engine and that's enough.

1. Early in the morning there is a smear of something white -- potato starch, or spilt milk -- on the worktop. But when I try to wipe it off, it turns out to be sunlight creeping round to the dark side of the house.

2. Hearing the steam engine working faster to pull us up a hill.

3. He reaches up and hands the cake back to his mother. She says: 'Lovely: you've licked off the jam, and that's it?'


  1. I love it when sunlight creeps round into dark spaces.

  2. 'And before you let the sun in, be sure you make him wipe his feet!'

    When my mum was a young nurse before the war, they had a psychotic dragon matron who used to make them endlessly scrub shadows off the lavatory pan...


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