Friday, June 12, 2009

Trainees, open eye and last of the light.

1. Two guide dog puppies (long legs and big paws) in the shopping centre. The yellow one watches the tip of a furled umbrella carried by a woman walking past. He tries so hard to leave it, but at last can't resist having a chew. The black dog fails by stretching up to grab a shopping bag.

2. We are doing self-portraits in art. I liked drawing a practice eye and suddenly finding that it was looking at me.

3. Nick is not amused when I call him away from his baseball to walk back up the hill and look at the sunset. 'I've been walking down this road for 20 years. I know about the sunsets.' But this one is particularly good -- the edges of the clouds shine as if they have been heated to white hot.


  1. Oooh, never come between a man and his baseball! You risk the loss of limbs ;-)

  2. I once drove too fast down a winding road in Spain, overtaking when I should not have done. I was stopped by the police and fined on the spot. My reason for this bad behaviour, which I did not offer as an excuse to the policeman, was that I was hurrying to see the sunset from particular vantage point further down the road.

  3. And was the sunset worth it? Or did the police make you miss it?

  4. oh 2 guide dogs - are there any more special??sk

  5. My husband's nephew and his wife have adopted a "failed" guide dog. It is wonderful, and a good companion to their other,elderly labrador, adopted when her owner died. There is always a home somewhere for life's "misfits" and abandonned companions!
    Thanks for cheering me up today


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