Friday, June 26, 2009

Stay green, in the shade and sweets.

I've woken up my old blog Once Around the Park. 30-word accounts of a daily walk along the same route.

1. I like this time of year, when it is hot, but still green.

2. I am always afraid to put the shading into my pictures -- it's hard with portraits because the directional shading I'm so fond of looks like wrinkles, or sunburn. But when the teacher warns us that profile pictures can end up looking flat, I take a deep breath and give it a go. At the end of the class, he praises the depth of our portraits.

3. Sharing a box of mithai with Nick -- we're lucky enough to have a brilliant exotic supermarket in Tunbridge Wells (The Spice Store on Grosvenor Road), and a bite or two of an Indian sweet make a good change to our usual Jaffacakes.


  1. Hope you enjoyed the mithais :-)

  2. shades of green- all important to the spirit inside

  3. Yes, shading can be challenging.

  4. "Hot but still green". Yes, it also describes Virginia in June perfectly!

  5. Hooray for 30 words! I don't keep mine up every day but still enjoy it. I'll be on over...

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