Monday, June 08, 2009

Larva, chocolate spread and mouthful.

How Publishing Really Works is one of my favourite writing blogs for its wise advice. Jane marked her first birthday on Sunday with a blog pitch party. Go over and make some new friends.

1. There is a caterpillar on one of our roses. He emerges from a den deep in the scented heart of a Gertrude Jekyll. He is mottled and splotted in handsome python colours. I try to tempt him off with a piece of lettuce -- but judging by the nibbled petals, he prefers flowers to leaves.

2. Chocolate spread sandwiches.

3. As we are leaving the house, he puts a big piece of toffee in my mouth.


  1. were you talking when he popped the toffee in!

  2. Choco spread with Nutella. mmmmm

  3. Years ago I lived in a flat on Willesden High Road, and nearby was a tiny grocery shop which sold perfectly glazed, crisp puff pastry rolls (like sausage rolls) which were filled with Nutella. They were delicious: I lived on them for months. Since I moved away I've not been able to find them anywhere but oh, they were wonderful!

    Thank you for linking to my blog: I'm glad you like it, and hope to see you there more often. Your blog is delightful and I will come back again soon.


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