Sunday, June 07, 2009

Come up smelling of roses, tiny garden and among the chores.

1. The kitchen smells of roses from the two bunches in mugs on the table.

2. The Alpine strawberries are making hard green promises of sweet red dots.

3. He puts a stack of dishes into the washing up bowl, and bubbles come up -- blop, blop, blop.


  1. Clare, I just pulled a book out from my shelves. It is called Pigs Must Eat on Sundays. It is a facsimile of writing and drawing by Ben HArtley, published by Green books. So beautiful and here, from 1964, is someone doing in book form very much what you do. Have a look if you can get hold of a copy. You will love its subtle poetic eye.

    ps just voted for you

  2. What a lovely, positive blog. I'm here from Jane's blog party btw and very glad to have stopped by.

  3. 1 and 2 bring me back from saddness


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