Thursday, June 25, 2009

Beetroots, chorizo and shutting out.

I'm looking for part-time work: does anyone know of a position (two or three days a week) in or around Tunbridge Wells for a diligent editorial person with a bit of web experience? I would be very grateful if you would drop me an email.

1. Fresh beetroots, hard and dense. They are the purple of dark places and secrets.

2. I fry some juicy red chorizo as a treat. I like to see the sausage skins turn opaque and then black.

3. We turn off the news, draw the curtains and lock the front door: we've seen enough of the outside world for today.


  1. yay for no.3! I shall do the same thing in a minute.

  2. OOh, shutting out is the best part (followed closely by chorizo, of course).

  3. Check out The Craft Begins' recipe for cornbread and chorizo muffins.

  4. I like #1 - that moment when food appears to be more than just what it is - when it feeds the imagination as well as the body.


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