Friday, June 05, 2009

Two shawls, red dots and regrouping.

1. Outside a basement flat, two shawls are airing -- pure turquoise and pure orange.

2. The beautician says: 'Oh you've got some lovely erythema forming.' I don't know what erythema are -- turns out, they're the red dots that appear after a leg wax. She explains that they are where blood rushes to heal the hair follicles; and they are a sign of healthy skin.

3. The subs go out to dinner to regroup and talk over our situation -- it's good to see people relaxing after so many weeks of worry.


  1. You know, where they smear hot wax all over your legs and then rip it off again on cotton strips, taking the hairs with it?

    Perfectly sane, normal behaviour for the smooth-legged modern woman...

  2. This is a LOVELY blog--apart from the legwaxing bit, which sounds torturous. I'm glad you managed to find something positive among the pain, and hope your legs are now lovely and smooth!

  3. I was mainly commenting on how much of your anatomy was being waxed. Here in Vegas it's usually everything below the neck.

  4. Thanks Jane!

    Gosh, Joe, that sounds painful and scary... I'm glad to be here, really.


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