Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Backroom, sausage and roar.

1. In the office of the town museum, they have on the wall a 10ft by 6ft picture of a chap in shorts and a solar topee lounging on a lawn in front of an exotic palace and palm trees. A dusky lady sits just out of reach and smiles at him.

2. Slitting a sausage's soft underside, squashing the two halves flat on the pan and waiting until the meat is brown and crisp.

3. I like to lie in the bath and hear Nick roaring at a football game.


  1. I misread the heading of today's post and wondered to myself "what is a backroom sausage?"

    Lovely post, as ever!

  2. finally some words for the "sausage" and well said and due I'm sure, the sausage has done much for the modern world!

  3. What's a "solar topee"?

    Sausage = good, in my book. Nom.

  4. It's a type of hat worn by the British in the tropics in the c19th.

  5. My fave is number 3 where Nick roars at a football game. It's the same for men here in NZ Clare. But the game is more likely to be rugby.


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