Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Mother-in-Law, bread of heaven and deal done.

1. I go out leaving Nick in bed, and come home three hours later to find him and my mother working on the table plans. The flat is very, very tidy.

2. It's hard to walk home right before lunch carrying a baguette that is too long for its bag. It would be so easy to break off a fragment of red-gold crust and cloud-white crumb.

3. The mother (who loves flowers more than anything) leaves the florists triumphant: "I've got more flowers for less money." I'm just happy to know my bouquet will be waiting for me when I arrive.


  1. Not long now Clare - remind us when the big day is?

  2. Here in France, people very often give in to the temptation to break off the end of their baguette for a snack as they carry it home!

  3. Mr London Street -- it's November 21. Everything is falling in to place now.

    Sally en France -- baguettes are at their best when they are fresh aren't they. It's only sensible to enjoy them at the zenith of their career!


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