Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Water comes, the parcel and saved from certain death.

Another pair of newses:

a. Sarah Salway, writer of marvellous books, is offering free (that's right, free) prompts for writers on her blog. As a keen scribbler, I don't compromise when it comes to prompts -- and neither should you. Roll down a little on the lefthand side to find them. (Can I have my biscuit now, Sarah?)

b. Hunter-Gatherer, the man who lives by his bushcraft skills in a home-made treehouse in the woods, announced yesterday in a post (mainly about catching and preparing pigeon) that he has proposed to his girlfriend. They are another Nick and Clare pair, which is a lovely co-incidence.

1. On the first day of rain after a long dry spell (Sunday was the first day I had to fill my watering can from the tap), I like to lift the lid of the rainwater barrel, stand on tiptoes and see that it's full to the brim.

2. Early today, an Amazon parcel arrives addressed to Nick. I assume it's some special interest tome like Biggles on a Train Versus Hitler's Deadliest Baseball Quarterbacks. But when Nick comes home, he says: "It might be a little present." He opens it, and hands the contents to me wrapped in a napkin. It's a new game that I've been mooning over: Professor Layton and Pandora's Box. I played the first one earlier in the year, and was charmed by its Japanese-idea-of-Europe setting, gentle mystery story and challenging puzzles.

3. All the feet miss the snail that is ploughing unconcerned over the doorstep. It protests when I move it, clinging to the stone and drawing in its horns. I'm glad it doesn't know how lucky it was.

Picture of a snail in the dark from Stock.xchng


  1. I had to laugh rather a lot about Biggles on a train...

  2. Yes, that was funny. Hi Clare. I'm back after a seriously long non-blogging period. You may not even remember me since it's been soooo long. However, I'm pleased to see you haven't been struck down with the same affliction i.e. extreme laziness and lack of commitment to the cause. Still loving your posts and plan to visit more often as well as keep the word imp thing moving. Cross fingers for me!

  3. Your story about the snail reminded me of our recent trip from Canada to Belgium. One evening walking back to our hotel quite late I was amazed to find the sidewalk COVERED with a slithering hoarde of snails of all sizes. It was sheer luck that I hadn't trodden on any of them in the darkness! They were quite beautiful shining in the moonlight on the cobbled walk.


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