Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Wallflowers, wet and wipe.

Word Imperfect has woken up her blog. She picks a word each day, and the readers invent a definition.

1. A bag of wet-rooted wallflowers for my garden: what a treat for £1.25.

2. Standing on top of Mount Ephraim on a rainy day and watching the wet watercolour on wet paper sky.

3. The cloth hisses dry as I wipe drips of gravy from the bottom of the oven.


  1. Beautiful poetic writing as always, Clare. And thanks heaps for the entry and the plug for my website. You are my beautiful thing for today!

  2. niiiiiice. I like the hissing. Terribly evocative!

  3. Word Imperfect is wonderful! Thanks for the link!

  4. I was looking at the trees in the surface of the pool today, and thinking how much like a wet-in-wet watercolour it looked, and how funny it is that watery scenes are so well suited to a watery medium...

    I don't think I like that hissy cloth thing, I always think it will stick and burn!

  5. It goes to show that God is an artist. Probably.

    I'd only use a cotton cloth -- they're normally good for anything.


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