Sunday, October 04, 2009

Juice box, wildlife and the cake.

1. The apple juice man appears at the door. "I was passing through and wondered if you'd like a crate." Yes please. Supermarket juice just doesn't cut it for me. Mole End's single variety bottles are as exciting as wine. I drink just one small glass a day with my breakfast, so twelve bottles should last almost three months.

2. It's time for the BBC's Autumn Watch. We enjoyed Springwatch so much this year, so we've been looking forward to this; particularly as they promised us badgers. They delivered: badgers frollicking in an orchard (complete with scratching action) as well as rutting stags (which is like a soap opera, but with MURDER), migrating barnacle geese and drunken butterflies.

3. A slice of chocolate beetroot cake has a subtle red tint when you tilt it to the light. Tastes good, too. I split it and filled it with strawberry jam.

Picture of guelder-rose berries from Barn Digital.


  1. I am reliably informed that when you make the beetroot puree for chocolate beetroot cake the kitchen looks like a crime scene.

  2. You're right! It was horrifying.

    I tried to find a recipe that used grated beetroot, as I fondly imagined this was less messy, but they all called for a measley 50g. I had FOUR of the beasts (I mean beets) to use up.

    So the cake took up one and a half, and for the rest, Nick has been manfully eating peanut butter and beetroot sandwiches. And I've been garnishing everything with grated crimson threads.

  3. Autumn Watch sounds very amusing.

    Also, thanks for the mention yesterday!

  4. Love this blog! You paint visions with words.

  5. A very interesting story, funny I can picture your vision, it is amazing!

  6. I have been haunted by the idea of chocolate beetroot cake since reading this, as a sad lone beetroot looks at me each day from the freezer part of the fridge. though I hadn't actually thought of beetroot and peanut butter as a possibility...

    Off to google a recipe.

  7. I think beetroot and PB is a specialist taste!

    Definitely try the beetroot cake, though. Mine was the Times recipe. It was a little soggy in the middle. Took a very long time to cook.


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