Friday, October 16, 2009

Damselfly, dem dry bones and circle.

1. She recognises me by my snail brooch from Sheer Sumptuosity -- it was Ruth who co-owns this company far away in York, who introduced us down here in Tunbridge Wells. She has for me a box containing an electric blue damselfly brooch, which I can't wait to wear.

2. I am learning the bones of the skeleton for my medical secretary course. I like making up mnemonics for each limb.

3. After the show, we sit in the bar. The actor takes the sofa and we shyly pull up chairs all around him. Caroline says: "No-one's sitting next to George, and that's a shame." She sits down on the other half of the sofa to even up the circle.

PS: Ruth is a dedicated 3BTer, so take a look at her blog.


  1. Damsel fly or dragon fly? The damsel fly's wing fold directly over their back and upward at an angle, while the dragon fly's wings lay flat and perpendicular to their body. Most broochs are actuly dragon flys. We have both insects here and they are beautiful. I love to give the enameled and or bejeweled brooches as gifts myself, and see them worn.


  2. The catalogue calls it damsel. I must admit that I wanted to make sure people could find the brooch on Ruth's website if they wanted to have a look.

    Here in the UK, we would use damsel fly as opposed to dragon fly to distinguish a small dainty species from a large and thuggish one.


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