Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cake, carwash and parsnips.

1. A text message from Rosey reports: "I made a very special cake today. It was so big I had to make it in the washing-up bowl." She's talking about our wedding cake!

2. We pass a drive where a man is washing one side of a car. On the other side, two tiny blonde children dressed in matching raincoats help out with sandcastle buckets of water. They are not much taller than the wheels they are scrubbing.

3. My parsnips have welded themselves to the bottom of the pan. "I'm never putting honey on them again. They're sweet enough as they are." He says: "You always say that, and they always taste so good with honey."


  1. I never thought of putting honey on parsnips - I do it with carrots but parsnips sounds divine too - I will try it, even at the risk of melding them with the pan base!

  2. Yum... have to try parsnips and honey. And how exciting about your wedding cake! Beautiful text message :)

  3. #3 we got the first parnsips in our veg box last week. We did them in a lime and butter glaze, it compliments the sweetness very well.


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