Thursday, October 01, 2009

First photo, squirrel and staying warm.

1. I wake in the night and I am cold. I turn over and can feel waves of warmth rolling off Nick as he sleeps.

2. I actually gasp as I read the text message. It's a subject line and a 12-week scan picture.

3. A squirrel undulates across the lawn. It looks like a mmmmm handwriting exercise.


  1. Had the woodstove going for the first time. My husband's away and his slated closet door kept creaking, keeping me awake for fear of a slasher. Love the concept of your blog. Sandy sent me.

  2. Squirrel looking like mmmmmmmmmm....that is such a great visual! Thanks for sharing, Clare!
    Enjoy the day! Erin

  3. Welcome Colleen. I know exactly what you mean about those tiny noises when you're all alone...

    Cheer Erin -- I'm glad you like it. It's something I've often noticed, the mmmm squirrels, but I never quite dared put it into words. I'm glad I did now.

  4. I love the visuals you paint with your words!

  5. Clare, I love your blog, though I don't believe for a moment that you have a milkman that delivers milk and yogurt to your doorstep. What century is this? (The broken bell clonk of an empty milk bottle... is perfect!) Today I am confused by the #2 Beautiful Thing. What exactly made you gasp? ty

  6. Please disregard the question in my last comment. Jeepers! Wow!

  7. #3 is lovely. Sometimes I think the main purpose of squirrels is to offer us humans constant entertainment and inspiration.

  8. Oh, the squirrel you drew! Sometimes, when they run slowly, they resemble lazy Ws.

    Love the visual you painted.



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