Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cleansing power of fire, moon and light through leaves.

1. Games night: We manage to escape Tim's dungeon without dying; and my character sets fire to the main monster with a strategic lantern to the face.

2. The shy moon peeps at us through a tangle of silvered clouds.

3. At the end of our drive, a streetlight shines through leaves.


  1. I love the picture you paint of the silver moon. Beautiful.

  2. Games night sounds like such fun - wish I could find a group like that here.

  3. Joe, while I'm certainly not au fait with the American gaming scene, I'm sure there are "contact boards" on the Interwebs where you could find a group - or get in touch with some of the better known podcasts they might be able to help as the majority of them are Stateside.

    Is there not a Friendly Local Game Store - as every American city seems to boast and is totally alien to us here - that either has an "in-house" group or a bulletin board?

    Good luck in your quest - I, honestly, don't know what I'd do without my regular gaming fix. I'm hoping that after the WEDDING, Nick and Clare will have more time to spare and we might be able to game more often... especially as we'll be moving over to the new Doctor Who RPG coming out from Cubicle 7 at the end of next month.


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