Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Advice, write it and in-laws.

1. She has come for some advice on being a writer. I tell her I'm really not the most successful writer there is, but I've found keeping a blog helpful. The useful things I have learnt from other writers come tumbling out; and as I tell her, I remember what it is I love about the art and craft of stringing words together. I hope she writes to some proper writers, and that answering her questions makes them remember why they do this awful, frustrating, painful job.

2. "I'm a Shakespeare dork," she says. I really hope she starts that blog.

3. Nick's sister and niece and great-nephews drop by unexpectedly. The niece and great-nephews haven't met Alec yet; and I haven't met the littlest great-nephew, so I'm very glad to see them. The biggest great-nephew and his smile seem to be in four different places at once, and he is determined to see all over the house. He tells me that my name is Great-Aunt Nick.