Saturday, May 21, 2011

Forgiven, first film and hill of beans.

1. I lost track of the time. I know we won't get there in time for our lift, so I message Emma and apologise. She calls back and offers to come and get us. "Don't worry, you've got a baby," she says.

2. Our multiplex has a Friday mothers and babies screening -- they lower the sound so as not to upset the babies, and the raise the lights so the mothers can see to get muslins and Snorgle-Dogs out of their bags. We go to see Pirates of The Caribbean, and there are only about seven other mothers there. We sprawl across pairs of the best seats; feed or talk to our babies and get up to walk about as the fancy takes us. Alec looks astonished at the giant faces before him; and grins and crams a fist into his mouth whenever the theme music plays. He seems to have a bit of thing for adventure film soundtracks.

3. I drain a tin of kidney beans into the sink. The grains in the water make a pattern of dusty rings spreading outwards.


  1. #2 What a brilliant idea! I didn't go to the movies for years when our children were babies. We had no such thing as special showings for mothers.

  2. That really is a good idea. I wonder if they do that in many places?

  3. It's not uncommon, I don't think. Our local independent cinema does it, and so does the local multiplex (they call it 'newbies') It might not be very well advertised.


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