Monday, May 02, 2011

Aunt, goldfinches and parenting.

1. Rosey has some Alec time -- she hasn't seen him since the day he was born. He's asleep in his carseat when she picks us up from the station. "I still haven't seen him with his eyes open," she says. He makes her wait until we get home. (Picture by Ronayne Grant)

2. "Those goldfinches... they're stealing my dandelion seeds," says my father balefully eyeing the flock of bright red and yellow finches on his lawn. It makes me think of the residents of the Cape of Good Hope who complained about penguins -- jolly, comical penguins -- digging up their lawns.

3. A small boy sitting a few seats down on the train chants "I've got a willy, I've got a willy." He gets a short lecture from his dad about things one can and cannot talk about in public. I smother a laugh, but a smile leaks around my hands. The boy looks past his father at me and rolls his eyes.


  1. Three particularly good ones today, I suspect the Father whinges even more about the dandelions in his flower beds.

  2. Loving the willy story, I have been there so many times with my 3 year old son! Always, always has to be in public. Last week: "Grandpa, Grandpa, I've got a willy, do you want to see?" - without waiting for an answer, he pulled down his pants and trousers... in a long queue at the fishmongers. Also, re your later post about your veggie box scheme, there is a fantastic local supplier who I would highly recommend in case you ever feel like a change from Abel and Cole -
    Thankyou for sharing your wonderful posts, I came across them by accident in 2007 and they never fail to brighten my day!

  3. Janey, it was just one of those lovely, lovely days when 3BT almost writes itself. You know Daddy, though, so full of love for ALL God's creation.

    Fiona, I can't wait for the willy waving...

    I did look into a more local supplier, and Kent Veg is in my bookmarks. I'm an awful coward about the Hungry Gap (those months at the tale end of winter when all you get in the UK is kale, onions and swedes). A&C import (by boat) some tasty goodies to cover that space.

    I'm glad you like 3BT -- thank you for reading, and for taking the time to comment.


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