Thursday, May 26, 2011

Four years, anniversary gift and swaying.

1. Four years ago today, I was brave and went to a wedding all by myself, and I got talking to a handsome grey-haired man who could spell Cthulhu and bought me a bacon sandwich. After that, we both had to be brave together and leave behind our familiar old lives -- and look where it got us. And happy anniversary to Tim and Rachel, too.

2. Alec doesn't wake for his 6am nappy change and feed. He is still sleeping at 7am when Nick gets up. I scamper downstairs to bring the milk in and get breakfast for my husband. Then there is time for a potter in the garden -- watering and cutting back wisteria shoots that are reaching for the washing line. It's still quiet when Nick comes down, so we eat our breakfasts together; and I wave him off from the door, just like in the old days. When I go upstairs, Alec is wide awake and chuntering happily to himself. An excellent anniversary present, little man.

3. We walk back from the park by way of the fish shop. While we are waiting, a mother with a sling comes in. Alec is peering over the top of ours; her baby is scrunched up and tiny. "A week old," she says. Swaying like trees in the wind, we chat about how fast they change.