Saturday, May 28, 2011

Swing, little house and pyramid.

1. Alec is hanging in the baby swing, wide-mouth grins between gasps at the wind. "First time?" asks Linda. How did she know?

2. I've been enjoying the Chelsea Flower Show coverage on the BBC -- Alec has spent a lot of time feeding this week, so I have plenty of sofa time to fill. I was particularly charmed by a Korean garden, Hae-Woo-So (Emptying One's Mind), which won a gold medal. The designer, who looked very composed and elegant, burst into tears when the BBC presenter who told her the good news, bowing and expressing her joy through an interpreter. The presenter talked a little about the garden's quiet dignity, pretty summerhouse and naturalistic planting. A later show went a little further, and explained that Hae-Woo-So means going to the loo, and that the shack was a toilet. I fell a little more in love, and there is more information on the RHS Chelsea website about the spiritual practice of going to the loo.

3. After supper, we are all sleepy. We all three sit on the sofa propped against each other in the fading light.


  1. I wonder if you saw the Auatralian garden on the flower show coverage? It was created by gardeners from the Australian Botanical Gardens, not very far from where I live, which I only visited for the first time last year.

    Breastfeeding is wonderful for TV viewing :)

  2. I did see it -- it was very colourful, being bright red-orange, among all the greens and browns.

    I've watched more TV in the last five months than I have in I don't know how long. Alec is starting to support himself better, and he's getting bigger, too, so I can comfortably read a book.


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