Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Get out of here, bargain ball and seeing someone.

1. I've got to go up town, but Alec has worked himself into a howling frenzy and I'm too embarrassed to leave the house. I've tried feeding him but he pushes me away. His nappy is dry. I put him in the sling and walk around the kitchen, but that just makes him even more angry. Finally, with Alec's tears of rage running down into my vest, I decide to brazen it out -- if anyone asks, it's just a phase. As I turn round to lock the door, the crying stops. He turns his head and falls asleep.

2. One of my baby books suggests that Alec might like a beach ball to play with. The Early Learning Centre has an inflatable football for £4.99. There is nothing but ghosts and cobwebs in my purse, so I pass up this opportunity. But then in the wonderful Jeremy's Home Store, I find a traditional diamond pattern ball for 79p. The book was quite right -- Alec's face lights up at the sight of it. He then gets so excited at the way it rolls away when he kicks it that I have to put it away.

3. He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named comes by and coyly announces that he has a girlfriend. I think he's rather disappointed that I hadn't noticed his unusual activities on Facebook. I'm quite disappointed that I hadn't spotted this development, too! I'm pleased to see him so happy, and to hear him saying some of the things that I said about Nick -- mainly that it's surprisingly easy to be with this person.