Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Water baby, fiction at short notice and reassurance.

1. I am fully expecting Alec to hate swimming. The cold water, the new experience, the undressing and the echoing acoustics will all drive him into a misery and a rage. However -- it turns out that he is more resilient to cold and racket than I thought; and also, he loves being towed about the pool on his back and on his front. He thrashed his arms and legs around in a way that looked a lot like swimming. He felt pretty bouyant, but I didn't dare let go of him. I'm going to try and hold him in a more neutral way next time to see if he floats by himself. And the look on his face when we sung a nursery rhyme that he recognised -- pure bliss.

2. Two older women in a charity shop: "Look at this! D'yer think your William would like a golf club cleaner with an electric brush?"
Without missing a beat, "No. He told me this morning he didn't want one."

3. Overheard at the bottom of our road -- a middle-aged man, rather shyly, says to a middle-aged woman: "I feel reassured to hear that from someone like you."


  1. All three of these are just lovely today.

  2. Maybe #1 reminds him of the womb!

  3. My baby niece loves the water, too - the first day of her swimming class, the baby boys all cried, but not her. (She was the only girl.) She was all business and determination.


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