Friday, May 13, 2011

Face to face, baby and round number.

1. "Do you mind watching him for a moment?" She props her baby on the other side of our yoga pillow. I can see him smiling at Alec. I can't see what Alec is doing -- possibly staring severely and looking like his dad.

2. Anna says: "Oh your house smells of baby!" I wonder briefly if it's the nappy bucket she's smelling; but I assume she'd be too polite to mention that.

3. The bill comes to a round number, and everyone has the right change.


  1. staring severly - I'd like to see that look a winston churchill face?

  2. Babies are as fascinated with other babies as we mommies are. It's fun to watch.

    Is he still laughing with the angels?

  3. i Beati, All English babies look like Churchill in honour of his achievements as PM! Alec makes a face like Nick when he's looking severe. It's very funny.

    Wynn Anne, less often, I think. He's laughing at me singing Oh My Darling Clementine these days.


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