Monday, May 09, 2011

Three-in-a-bed, too much of a good thing and oxalis.

1. Early morning feed. We're all on our sides. Alec and I lie facing each other. Nick lies behind me, warming my back.

2. Alec's having the time of his life, waving his limbs and blowing raspberries while shaking his rattle. But now his movements are jerky and out-of-control, and he laughs, but it sounds desperate, almost a sob -- "Help me, I can't stop". Too much of a good thing, baby boy? I pick him up and cradle him. "Norgle in," I tell him, "and here's a finger to suck. Sshhh, sshhh, sshhh."

4. The oxalis bulbs have each pushed up a leaf -- three-lobed, limp as flags on a still hot day, acid green with a splash of offal purple.


  1. oh sweet boy mine turned 38

  2. Oh wow. My little boy Charlie did exactly the same thing today. Too much of a good thing indeed. So gorgeously uncontrolled.

  3. i beati -- I look at Alec and wonder what he'll be like as a man. I just can't visualise it.

    It's so sad, isn't it Julia! He does it with toys, too -- he's clearly had enough, but he just can't leave it alone.

    I think it must be a bit like that thing that happens when you're drunk -- you know you've had enough, but you're having so much fun already, and you convince yourself that you'll have EVEN MORE FUN if you have another drink.


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