Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pancakes, two or three handfuls of hair and sub.

1. To cook pancakes for breakfast and pile them up on a warm plate in the top oven. I have fallen in love with Abel and Cole's recipe.

2. I come across a quote in from Lewis Carroll's letters which made me smile wryly. My hair is falling out in clumps -- this is normal after pregnancy and I had plenty to begin with so it's no cause for concern, but I so dislike finding it wrapped around my baby's fingers and in his clothes. Anyway, Lewis Carroll says in this letter quoted in R. L. Green's The Book of Nonsense:
"And I like two or three handfuls of hair; only they should always have a little girl's head beneath them to grow on, or else whenever you open the door they get blown all over the room, and then they get lost, you know."
He also likes mustard with beef spread thinly underneath, and salt with some soup poured over it to keep it from being too dry.

3. "Can I borrow £3.50 to buy this?" We have strayed into an antiques fair, and Nick has found a pamphlet on wartime railways. Normally I scrounge money off him -- because I am disorganised and rarely think to use a cashpoint when I am passing one -- so I feel very pleased with myself when I am able to help him out.