Sunday, May 01, 2011

Literature, campaigning and up town.

 1. Godfather Tim brings a copy of Each Peach Pear Plum ("I'd never heard of it, Rachel said he should have it") which was one of my favourite books (the reason we don't have it yet is that I know it off by heart). Later, at storytime, Nick reads it to Alec, pointing out the tiny details that make the pictures so magical.

2. Tim and I roll up a new character for Tuesday Knights -- we're going to have a go at playing by post (email, technically), as I can't make the monthly campaigning nights. Once our guests have left, Nick and I take Alec round the park and discuss backstory. Of course, dear old Cthulhu gets a name-check.

3. I put on a new dress, a pair of high heels, my last pair of good tights and a bra that most certainly wasn't designed for nursing and, leaving my boys with a bottle of expressed milk, set off up town for an evening of sushi, gossip and a single glass of cold white wine.

PS: Nick says I forgot to mention on Thursday that one of my beautiful things was him spending two days locked in the attic working on the household accounts to find enough spare change to buy his wife a new dress. The dress, which comes from East, is a particularly good find because it's made from thin jersey and I can breastfeed in it if I wear it over a vest. Also, the blue matches my wedding shoes.


  1. Gorgeous dress - was definitely worth finding the pennies for it :)

  2. I feel like a proper person again when I wear it -- your body takes a real kicking from pregnancy and birth; and the choice of breastfeeding clothes is really limited. I really do believe it's a major factor in mothers giving up breastfeeding.

  3. Glad to hear Alec's already had EPPP read to him :-)

    Looking forward to hearing what you and Nick (and Alec) have come up with by way of 'back story' etc for your character.

    Hopefully you got the email I sent you over the weekend summarising my notes from your character generation session.

    Hope you had a grand night out!!!

  4. We received two copies of Each Peach Pear Plum for J's 1st birthday. I'd never heard of it quickly became a family favourite and I'm glad we received two copies. The second is so tattered and battered it may soon have to be replaced too!

  5. I remember being amazed at how you three recited EPPP in unison, eat your hearts out Royal Shakespeare Company!


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