Saturday, June 18, 2011

All's well, red hat and Poirot.

1. This morning I was close to tears when Nick left for work. I'd had a rotten night, and just wanted to go back sleep, but Alec was awake and lying in his cot whining for attention. At 10am I am glad to reassure Nick with a text message saying that we have had a nap and both feel much better.

2. It's really too wet to leave the house, but Alec's theatrical groaning and my vile mood are not going to improve if we stay in. To cheer myself up, I slap Mary Garret's knitted apple hat on Alec's head. He looks very jolly, and his head has grown so it no longer lolls over one eye. He even smiles when I show him his reflection in a shop mirror, and a group of people leaving the cafe stop to say how handsome he looks, which cheers us both up for all of half an hour.

3. Finding a previously unseen episode of Poirot among the trackless wastes of our cable's on-demand service.


  1. Thanks! I am happy to have helped brighten moods, and honored to share a post with Poirot. Hugs to you both!

  2. Absolutely nothing like a Poirot for putting the world back to rights, I reckon. Has definitely saved my sanity before now.

  3. Feel just the same about Poirot!
    I remember one summer holiday reading NOTHING BUT...
    Enjoyed finding this blog!

  4. We watched them, night after night, while I was waiting for Alec to be born and we were snowed in. It's odd how comforting murder mysteries can be, given the grim subject.

  5. Oh, and welcome, Jan -- glad you like it.


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