Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lie-in, end of the line and over the wall.

1. Nick is taking today off, so we have a mid-week lie-in. I bring Alec into our bed and feed him until he dozes off norgled up between us.

2. Two teenage girls join the end of the queue. "I don't actually know what to do. It's ages since I've been in a library."
"We could just sort of look around until we find some books about Tunbridge Wells."
"We used to come here all the time with my old school, just to like read."

3. I can hear Nick speaking to a man out in the back garden, which is puzzling, because our back garden is surrounded by high walls. When I look out, it's Ed-Who-I-Used-To-Work-With, with Ellie. He's standing on a barrier in the car park to look down on us.