Friday, June 03, 2011

Asparagus, dog and plants in pots.

A few days late, but Fiona Robyn had a blogsplash on June 1 to ask people to write a Small Stone to mark their wedding day on June 18. If you haven't investigated Fiona's small stones (they're rather like beautiful things, but they don't come in threes, and they don't necessarily have to be beautiful), do check them out.

1. Last time we saw Nick's parents, his dad mentioned rather wistfully that he had never tried asparagus. We picked up a bunch on the way over there. It's been nearly a month -- I'd been feeling bad, thinking that the season would be over before we got there; or that it was just a passing fancy. But he is very pleased, and  goes over the cooking instructions a couple of times to make sure he has them.

2. A minibus tilts as it takes the roundabout. A black and tan terrier, tongue lolling, hangs out of the passenger window. "It must be a kaleidoscope of smells," says Nick.

3. To bring home new plants, and to give them a good soak in a bowl of water before planting.