Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Snuggle, more food and cool air.

1. Nick comes down from the study in the early morning. Alec is asleep in his cot, and I am awake enough -- but only just -- to move over so he can get in behind me. It feels as if we lie there, warm and safe, for hours. I ask him later, and it was only ten minutes.

2. The health visitor rather tiredly suggests that Alec is not sleeping because I need to give him bigger portions of real food. And there was me thinking it was because he was desperately unhappy in his cot and struggling with painful teeth.

3. It's a hot day, the photo shop is hotter still, and I think it was a mistake to put Alec in the sling. The staff ask if we would like to come and stand behind the counter under the air conditioner.