Friday, June 24, 2011

Hair, year eleven and weaning.

1. There is a pause, and then my hairdresser says: "It's best to not think about it too much. We all lose hair all the time." It occurs to me that she is quite right, and I feel much better

2. Three schoolboys get on the train. They're on their way to an exam -- American history GCSE, I think, from the mention of the great depression and FDR and an alphabet soup of acronyms. Then "What's in the bag?"
"I'm staying over tonight. There's a crowd of us-"
"Where's my invitation?"
"Up your arse."
He looks hurt, and the first boy reaches across and strokes his fringe tenderly. "No, really. It's not our people, it's the college crowd."

3. The NCT mums are weaning their babies. It's an exciting but scary time -- we're frightened of mess, and of choking, and of spoiling our babies' taste for food. We sit round in Michelle's front room and share tips and tastes and moral support.