Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Priorities, screen time and early to bed.

1. I am in a meeting about some work for the company at the top of our road. Through the open window, I hear a familiar howl of rage. "That's my baby! That's my little boy!" And I'm on my feet looking out of the window. My mother is taking him out for an airing, and she has it all under control -- but oh that cry... The publisher is very kind: "Do you want to go and see to-" Sound of running feet.

2. It's been a long day, and Alec is making it clear he wants more entertainment, and not the milk that I hope will send him off to sleep. I've used up my bag of tricks, and all my energy, but there's still half an hour before Nick gets in. Thank heavens for CBeebies Bedtime Hour. We watch 13 minutes of In The Night Garden before Alec decides he does want milk after all.

3. I get to bed on time and do a little reading before lying down. Nick and I lie in the dark and whisper until we fall asleep.