Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hands full, fingers and shower uninterrupted.

1. We've had a lovely swimming lesson, but I'm feeling a bit of a failure. So far, Alec has peed on my towel and on his baby grow, and I went into the loo with Alec in the sling over my one-piece bathing suit, thinking I was being all clever, only to discover that it is not possible to... you get the picture (or rather, I hope you don't). With this track record, I don't hold out much hope for us getting one of the few changing cubicles with a baby table. But a door opens before us and a lady on crutches comes out. "There you are darling, I'll keep this one for you." I am so touched by her kindness -- I know how much of a struggle it is to change when you have your hands full. "And I'll put the table down for you, darling." I tell her that she's made my day.

2. Alec has taken to grasping the fingers of strangers -- today, a lady who tells us she doesn't hate her ex-husband any more; and a man clutching an open bottle of rose wine in his other hand.

3. I really appreciate a shower that isn't interrupted by a cry for milk, milkies, miiiilllk, MILK NOW!