Thursday, June 09, 2011

Early start, new carrots and paper cuts.

1. One of the things I really miss in this new life is getting up early -- after broken nights, I'm normally not fit to be seen until after 9am. Today, it's a bright morning, and I'm keyed up instead of groggy and confused. I get up with Nick, and stay up to put out the washing and bake a cake. I wish every morning could be like this.

2. Laura serves batons of bright, crisp new season carrots with her homemade hummus. I want to scrunch them by themselves -- but it seems rude to ignore the hummus (which is excellent, with plenty of tahini and spices).

3. To spend an evening sitting at the kitchen table doodling on a piece of paper with a sharp scalpel.


  1. i am a morning person too. but recently, i lost track of it because i got sick. i hope to come back again to being a morning person. i feel so refreshed whenever i wake up before the sun shines....

  2. You are allowed to get up early if you like. I find saying hello to the sunrise with a nice cup of coffee listening to the birds sing is quite pleasant.

  3. I do when I can, but often I'm just too tired to get up early, Joe! Alec has been feeding every 2 hours for the last three nights...


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