Monday, June 13, 2011

Rowley-powley, from the past and retreat.

1. Ever since I decorated Alec's cot with a baby-safe mirror, we've been able to get ten minute's peace (and give him some valuable tummy-time) by lying him prone in front of it. He lifts up his head and practises his half-smiles (I can almost hear him saying: "Thang-you, thang-you very much.") This morning, I put him down and get back into bed to give Nick some attention. Alec rolls over on to his back for the first time, and lies there looking proud while we cheer him.

2. I give up on the idea of making a cake this weekend, and dig a bag of hot cross buns out of the freezer for tea. I'm very glad that past-Clare thought to put them in there. It was a wonderful gift and I will pay it forward to future-Clare.

3. We've had a succession of rough nights because Alec has been suffering with his gums. Nick agrees to sleep in on the bed in his study so he can get some rest, and I can do what I need to do to comfort the baby without worrying about disturbing my husband.