Thursday, June 16, 2011

Education, first scone and nudey time.

1a. which I forgot to say yesterday -- My sister is Dr Rosey Grant! She has finished her PhD, and we are all very proud of her.

1. My lifestyle has never been what you'd call Champagne, but maternity pay is not even a lemonade income. As a result, I'm looking rather tattered around the edges -- my slippers have split, and I feel very sloppy wearing them when Nick comes home at the end of the day. My mother took me and Alec out for a shopping spree for my birthday. It was lovely to look for some of the things I need and just buy them without thinking about the budget.

2. It was probably a mistake to sit Alec on my knee at tea time. Every time I lift my scone, he opens his mouth, thinking I'm going to pop some delicious morsel into it. He mashes his hand into the jam side and gives the bottom of the scone a gumming. Then he takes a drink from my water glass. I have to fish a soggy mess out of his mouth few moments later, and we are still vaguely sticky after a three babywipe wash, but he seems to think he's had a successful tea.

3. It's obvious that Nick's train is late, as he is normally home on the button every evening, and he isn't here yet. From the bedroom, I can tell from his arriving noises that he's a bit irritated. He comes up the stairs to find us, and is greeted by the sight of his infant son waving his feet in the air as he enjoys nudey time on the bedroom floor. Nick laughs, which pleases me very much.