Sunday, June 05, 2011

Late sleeper, short films and revolver.

1. I am woken just before 6am -- Alec has been sleeping since 10pm. It feels very good to have had so much sleep.

2. While tooling around with the cable box menus, I stumble across the Virgin Shorts -- a festival of three-minute films. I jab at random and end up watching one called Sign Language. It is sweet and subtle and funny and I like it so much that I make Nick watch it, too. It's about a man who holds a signboard on Oxford Street, and a colleague who he can't talk to because "she's not union", and... well it's only three minutes -- you can watch it yourself.

3. I start to feel that it might be my turn to cuddle Alec, so I go up to the attic where the boys are listening to Material World. Nick says: "I put him on the bed and he turned round a whole 180 degrees to look at me."