Friday, July 29, 2011

The bath, sharpening and adrenalin.

1. Alec is as unsettled as I am after a difficult night. I wish we could go swimming -- a train ride, a change of scene, cool water, a bit of floating and perhaps tea with Godfather Tim would do us both the world of good. But it's not possible today. I run a bath and we splash around together. Alec is more secure at sitting up since we last  did this, and it makes life so much easier.

2. To sharpen the carving knife on the steel -- screswish, screswish.

3. Alec is calling from his cot for someone to reassure him. He doesn't understand that the commotion that woke him was me falling downstairs, and that the person he wants most is being comforted by the only other person who would do. I sit on the sofa with Nick, and I want to go to Alec, but I'm too shaken. Then the adrenalin rush clears my head and I can go him.


  1. Whatever's wrong, and something obviously is, you're in my thoughts. You bring so much cheer to others with your 3BT and it pains me to think of you having a hard time. Much love from New Zealand.

  2. I love reading your 3BT here on a Greek island, it makes me take time to notice the beauty in so many things. I've never posted a comment before but like elderflowerpressee feel concerned for you. Love from the Aegean

  3. Hope you are feeling better after your tumble.

    I, also, look forward to our meet-ups... so don't hesitate to call/text/email when you're next coming this way :)

  4. Thank you, all.

    I'm so sorry to cause concern and not explain, but I'd rather not talk about it in public. Nick is looking after me, though, and your good wishes are so welcome. Things will be better very soon.

    Deep breath, and back to work.


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